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Miami’s first NFT-inspired restaurant recently cut its banana ribbon in Miami. The Bored Cuban is a cafe centered around a very unique digital character. Deco was at the grand opening to taste the ape-ivating food and it was no monkey business.

A bored ape and a Cuban got together. They left the virtual world and opened up a Bored Cuban cafe in the real streets of Miami.

Eric Castellanos, Bored Cuban owner: “Bored Ape is actually a 10,000 unique digital art. Basically cartoon apes. So mine, which is the bored Cuban, is the only one with a guayabera and a cigar. What’s great about Bored Ape Yacht Club is that you’re able to use the IP for anything you really want.”

Celebs like Eminem and Snoop Dogg used their own popular apes in the music video “from the d 2 the LBC.”

Eric and Kali Castellanos weren’t monkeying around with their digital property. They decided to center their primate around a restaurant with actual food.

Eric Castellanos: “I was thinking ‘OK, I’m in the business of Cuban food so why not create a concept that I can play off of with the bored ape.’”

Kali Castellanos: “To play a little bit off the name bored ape but we’re Cuban so we named it “Bored Cuban”. Even though there’s nothing boring about us or this place.”

“Manolo” is their mascot and there’s always a home for him at this quick-bite eatery.

Kali Castellanos: “Manolo loves to eat the bananas. He poses with the bananas, he dances with the bananas. I’m not really sure what else he does with those bananas but I guess that’s his private time so laughs

Any hobbies Manolo on your days off?

Manolo: “I like to cook and got into making banana cream pies, what?”

Tell us about the food.

Kali Castellanos: “Some of the things we do have that are fun and different are Cuban pop tarts. We have pizzas and we have everything down to the traditional croquetta or baked empanada actually, not fried.”

And of course, what’s a Cuban cafe without coffee?

Kali Castellanos: “And then we have really fun drinks for the kids. We have something called the chunky monkey. The second the people walk in here the first thing they’re going to feel is like a cool street Miami vibe.”

There’s also one-of-a-kind merchandise designed by local artists.

Eric Castellanos: “The idea here is to collaborate with other artists and do another line of merch so another t-shirt, hoodie hats. Get everyone involved in the community.”

Cristina Pastori: “We’re only used to coming to Latin cafes but so it’s a very different vibe and I love how trendy it was. The kids are obsessed with the Mac-n-Cheese. My youngest always asks for it and the oldest is a very picky eater and it’s even approved by him.”

You can try to out Salsa Manolo at Bored Cuban starting at 7 a.m. everyday.

Bored Cuban
831 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126
7 A.M. TO 9 P.M.

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