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Gordon Ramsay is feeling lucky, right here in South Florida! The world-famous chef and TV star just opened an Asian-inspired late-night lounge and restaurant in Miami Beach. It’s called Lucky Cat and comes all the way from London. Whereas, my cat comes from Biscayne Boulevard. Drinking game alert! Take a shot every time he or I curse during this story!

Gordon Ramsay is a man of many words.

Gordon Ramsay: “What you want? A bleep medal?

Even if it sometimes sounds like just one.

Gordon Ramsay: “Is that bleep clear?

Contestant: “Yeah, it’s clear.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Thank you!”

Alex: I met you and I’m like, ‘This is the nicest guy in freaking South Florida!’”

Gordon Ramsay: “We have good days, though, Alex, OK?”

Alex Miranda: “Haha”

So, who wouldn’t feel lucky at Gordon’s first restaurant opening

Gordon Ramsay: “It’s seductive. It’s incredibly sexy.”

In Miami Beach, south of 5th.

Gordon Ramsay: “Miami is one of the most exciting, one of the most adventurous culinary hotspots anywhere, not just on the East Coast but in the U.S.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you feeling like a lucky cat in Miami?”

Gordon Ramsay: “I’m feeling like the luckiest chef on the planet.”

Which was plenty of time for the chef to research his lucky cat concept.

Gordon Ramsay: “This is a combination of three decades of experience. I started, you know, traping around Asia in the ’90s. It’s sort of a real melting pot of multiple cultures.”

But the Hell’s Kitchen star is also a showman.

Gordon Ramsay: “As you can see the atmosphere is electrifying, whether it’s two courses, three courses, or a sumptuous 10-course. And then we got little pockets of magic behind here with the chef’s table and the beautiful nigiri bar and sushi bar.”

Did I hear bar?

Gordon Ramsay: “The amount of cocktails that we match to these incredible dishes, it’s exciting. They are as important as a wine list now.”

OK, but where’s the food, chef?

Alex: “Can we see the bleep food already?”

Gordon Ramsay: “Gee, what the bleep is wrong with you? I swear to god. Seriously, you, young man.”

Alex Miranda: “Well, you’re taking for bleep ever!”

Gordon Ramsay: “Let me do my job! You do your bleep job!”

Gordon Ramsay: “We got this clay pot, and it’s a bit of, like, a surf and turf. This beautiful big braze and it’s served with this beautifully cooked lobster over noodles.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Mix that up. Fragrant basil, mint, and some beautiful dill.”

Alex Miranda: “So bleep good!”

Gordon Ramsay: “You shouldn’t speak with your mouth full, Alex! For bleep sake!”

Gordon Ramsay: “There is something for everybody.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Taste the [inaudible] First, please. Let’s stay on the fish, OK? Then we’ll go to the lamb.”

Alex Miranda: “The dumplings. They’re going to end up in my dreams tonight. I’m pretty sure!”

Gordon Ramsay: “I love that. A dumpling dream! I had many of them!”

Gordon Ramsay: “And this is the chef’s table, where they sit literally in the kitchen.”

Alex Miranda: “The thing that really impressed me, I’d say, maybe the most, because everything did, but the box.”

Gordon Ramsay: “The lucky cat at its absolute best.”

Gordon Ramsay: “It’s like a Gucci handbag arranging of 25 pieces. The nigiri, the sashimi, the rolls, the beef, then you have the fatty part of the toro. The belly.”

Alex Miranda: “Hmm.”

Gordon Ramsay: “So good.”

Alex Miranda: “Wow.”

And just like with any designer handbag, you’ll want to walk away with it.

Gordon Ramsay: “You promise you gonna share it with the girls, your co-anchors?”

Alex Miranda: “No.”

Gordon Ramsay: “For God’s sake, Alex! You bleep nightmare! Get back here!”

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