Christina Johnson Missing: Where Was She Found? Complete Personal Information

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Christina Johnson, a woman from Texas, has been missing since March 9. She went for a routine walk with her dog in Houston. The news has spread across the United States.

Christina Johnson Missing

Christina Johnson has been missing since March 9th. The Houston Police Department confirmed her disappearance when she failed to return after taking her ten-year-old dog for a walk.

Her father, Emmanuel Johnson, initially thought Christina might be seeking some personal space when she didn’t return home promptly. However, as two days passed without any sign of her, he grew increasingly concerned.

Despite being a 27-year-old woman who valued her independence, Emmanuel couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He reached out to local authorities to assist in locating his daughter.

Emmanuel acknowledged that Christina often kept to herself and didn’t share everything with him. Nevertheless, her prolonged absence triggered alarm bells for him.

Christina was known to be a homebody, preferring the comfort of her own space. It was unusual for her to be away from home for an extended period, especially without informing anyone. She typically spent her time at home, even returning to live with her father after graduating.

Before leaving home, Christina had taken precautions by leaving behind her credit cards, indicating that her disappearance wasn’t planned. This behavior was out of character for her, leaving family and friends deeply concerned for her safety.

As the search continues, Emmanuel and loved ones remain hopeful for Christina’s safe return, urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in bringing her home.

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Where Was Christina Johnson Found?

Christina Johnson was found at the main campus of the University of Houston. She was missing for two weeks, and she was found after the Police made some investigations.

Christina’s father said that Christina was found along with her dog. Later, she was admitted to a local hospital under an Emergency Detention Order.

However, no one knows the exact time when she was found. The Police were investigating after she went missing. Later, the Police were able to trace her.

People are trying to know more about her life. They are trying to learn about her education and other family members.

Christina graduated recently from Alderson Broaddus University, which is located in West Virginia. Later, she decided to move back in with her father after graduation.

Christina Johnson LinkedIn

Many people are trying to find Christina’s LinkedIn profile. However, their LinkedIn profile has yet to be found in her name.

According to her father and friends, Christina has an introverted personality. She is also less active on her social media accounts.

Since she is a recent graduate from her university, there is no LinkedIn profile in the name of 

Christina. Her father, Johnson, said that the disappearance of Christina and her dog was one of the scariest moments.

Johnson further stated that he did not know the reason for the separation between Christina and her dog. She usually never gets separated from the dog when they go out together.

About Christina

Christina is a 27-year-old light brown girl. She has brown eyes and black brown hair. She was last seen leaving her residence at the 12500 block of Newbrook Dr., Houston, Texas.

christina johnson missing
christina johnson missing

Christina wore a black hoodie, blue jean pants, and a gray backpack. The Houston Police released her photo, urging the people to inform them about her whereabouts.

Although people are trying to know about her family, there are no such details. Only her father, Emmanuel Johnson, has come into the picture.

People are also trying to know how Christina went missing. No one knows about it.

Other Details

When Christina went missing, her father informed the Police to help him trace his daughter. The Houston Police did their best to find her. Christina has been seen on the campus of the University of Houston.

Later, Christina was admitted to the local hospital. People are trying to know more about her.

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