Eugene Lee Yang’s Brave Decision to Prioritize His Mental Health and Step Away from the Online Creator Life

An Honest and Heartfelt Farewell from a Beloved Internet Personality

The internet said goodbye to one of its longest-serving and most beloved creators, Eugene Lee Yang, as he bid a fond but firm farewell to his online career, specifically his role as one-fourth of the immensely popular social media group, The Try Guys. In an emotional 18-minute video posted to their YouTube channel on Thursday, Yang poured his heart out to his colleagues, his fans, and anyone who has followed his decade-long journey as an online personality.

With over 8 million subscribers and a decade of social fame, The Try Guys have become a household name in the world of online entertainment. The group, originally consisting of four members, including Yang, gained viral popularity in 2022 following a scandal involving one of their own, Ned Fulmer, who was caught in an extramarital affair. While the group weathered this storm, it marked a turning point for Yang, who had already been struggling with the demands and mental toll of being an online creator.

In his goodbye video, Yang opened up about the complex relationship he has had with his identity and how the pressure to publicly discuss and humorously present these struggles often took a significant mental toll on him. He revealed that he never felt comfortable with the expectations and attributes required of an online persona, and the scandal only served to exacerbate these feelings.

“The internet can be a fun, rewarding, fantastic place, where many creatives shine, including my colleagues, who are so talented at what they do. But, in truth, more often than not, I’ve experienced the opposite effect, and leaving will be the best decision for preserving my mental health.”

Yang’s honesty about his struggles is a brave and important reminder of the human cost that often comes with online fame and influence. The glitz and glamour of social media influence, with its likes, shares, and viral trends, can often mask the very real mental health challenges that creators like Yang face.

The Try Guys, as a group, have always prided themselves on their authenticity and relatability, and Yang’s departure is a testament to how even the most successful online personalities can fall victim to the very human experience of burnout and mental exhaustion.

The Try Guys’ Scandal and Its Impact

The scandal involving Ned Fulmer, which broke in 2022, was a significant turning point for The Try Guys and, inadvertently, for Yang’s own journey. Fulmer’s affair with a female employee of The Try Guys company not only shattered the image of the group but also brought to light the very real consequences of their online fame.

While the remaining members, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld, along with Yang at the time, navigated the fallout and worked to rebuild their brand, it was clear that the incident had a profound impact on Yang’s outlook.

In his video, Yang expressed how he felt he was “enduring more anguish” in the wake of the scandal, especially as the group involuntarily went viral for something so damaging to their image and morale. The demand for their usual brand of openness and humor only grew, and Yang struggled to satisfy these expectations while also staying true to himself and his own mental health needs.

The scandal brought to light the very real consequences of online influence and how it can impact the lives and mental health of those involved, even those who were not directly implicated, like Yang.

Yang’s Struggles with Online Persona

Yang’s struggles with his online persona are a critical aspect of his decision to retire. In his video, he candidly shared how none of the skills required to be an online influencer came naturally to him. He said,

“I already contend with a complex relationship with my identity, so to have to casually discuss and publicize them at length, often in a positive and humorous manner, was exceptionally tough.”

The pressure to constantly put on a brave face and deliver entertaining content, even when dealing with personal struggles, is a burden that many online creators face. Yang’s honesty about this challenge is a powerful message to fans and other creators alike that it is okay to admit when something isn’t right and to prioritize one’s mental health.

The expectations of online audiences and the pressure to maintain a certain image can be incredibly demanding, and Yang’s experience serves as a reminder that it is healthy and necessary to set boundaries and prioritize self-care.

A Thankful Farewell

Despite his struggles, Yang made sure to express his deepest gratitude to his colleagues, both past and present, and to the fans who have supported The Try Guys throughout their journey. He assured viewers that his departure was not due to any dissatisfaction with the fans, saying,

“You, all of the fans, and all of you here at 2nd Try, could never be the reason I left. Because you are all the reason I stayed.”

Yang’s appreciation for the positive impact his fans have had on his life is a heartwarming reminder of the special connection that can be forged between creators and their audiences. While he may be stepping away from the spotlight, he made it clear that the love and support he received over the years were instrumental in his decision to stay as long as he did.

A New Chapter for The Try Guys

With Yang’s departure, The Try Guys are undergoing another significant change, introducing a new cast member and launching their own streaming service, 2nd Try. Habersberger and Kornfeld announced these changes in a video posted on Tuesday, in which they also shared their emotions about Yang’s planned exit.

While it is undoubtedly a difficult time for the group, they are committed to continuing their journey and providing entertaining content for their fans. The launch of 2nd Try marks an exciting new chapter for The Try Guys, and while Yang will not be part of the daily operations, his impact on the group will forever be felt.

Yang’s Future Plans

So, what’s next for Eugene Lee Yang? He shared that he is shifting his focus to writing and directing, pursuits that allow him to express his creativity without the same level of personal exposure that comes with being an online personality.

Yang’s talent and passion for storytelling are well-known, and this new chapter will provide him with the opportunity to explore these interests in a way that better aligns with his mental health needs and personal boundaries.

The Impact of Yang’s Decision

Eugene Lee Yang’s decision to retire from the internet and prioritize his mental health is a powerful statement that resonates far beyond the world of online influencing. It is a reminder that no amount of fame, followers, or viral videos is worth sacrificing one’s mental well-being.

In an industry where the pressure to constantly create, engage, and present a curated image is immense, Yang’s brave choice sends a message that it is okay to step back, reassess, and make changes that support a healthier and happier life.

His decision also highlights the importance of recognizing the signs of burnout and taking proactive steps to address them. By sharing his struggles so openly, Yang has likely inspired countless others to prioritize their own mental health and make similar difficult but necessary choices.

The Dark Side of Online Influence

The glamorized life of online creators, with their seemingly endless opportunities and adoring fans, can often mask the very real challenges they face. The constant pressure to create content, the scrutiny of public life, and the mental toll of maintaining an online persona can take a heavy toll on even the most successful influencers.

Yang’s experience serves as a stark reminder that the online creator life is not always as glamorous as it seems, and that the mental health of those in the spotlight should never be overlooked or underestimated.

A Message of Hope and Self-Care

In his farewell, Yang leaves a powerful message of hope and self-care. By prioritizing his mental health, he is setting an important precedent for others to follow. His decision reminds us that it is okay to say no, to set boundaries, and to make choices that support our overall well-being.

While Yang’s influence will undoubtedly be missed in the online world, his decision to step away sends a powerful message about the importance of self-care and mental health awareness. It is a reminder that we should all take the time to assess our priorities and make changes that support a healthier and happier life.

Conclusion: A Brave New World

As Eugene Lee Yang signs off for the last time as a Try Guy, he embarks on a brave new journey of self-discovery and healing. His decision to retire from the internet is a testament to his strength and courage in choosing himself and his mental health over the allure of online fame.

The impact of his decision will undoubtedly be felt across the online creator community and beyond, inspiring others to prioritize their own well-being and make choices that support a healthier relationship with their online presence.

While we may no longer see Yang’s face in our feeds, his legacy will live on in the hearts of his fans and the lessons he has taught us about authenticity, vulnerability, and self-care. And as he embarks on his next chapter, we wish him all the best, knowing that his influence and impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

“This is my official sign-off from the internet for the last time as a Try Guy, and as a guy who still has much to try, I know we’ll meet again. Love, Eugene.”

Afterword: The Power of Prioritizing Mental Health

Eugene Lee Yang’s story is a powerful reminder that success and influence should never come at the cost of one’s mental health. It is a call to action for all of us to prioritize self-care and to recognize the signs when someone may be struggling.

His brave decision to retire from the online world he helped shape sends a clear message: mental health matters, and it is okay to put yourself first.

Let us continue to carry this message forward and support one another in our journeys towards better mental well-being.

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Eugene Lee Yang’s full exit video can be found [here] or in the embed above. Let his brave decision and honest words serve as a reminder to always prioritize your mental health and well-being.

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