Family of Jay Slater Vow to Continue Search as Spanish Police Stand Down

The family of Jay Slater, a 19-year-old from Lancashire who disappeared near the remote village of Masca in Tenerife, have vowed to continue their search despite Spanish police calling off their operation after 13 days. Jay vanished during what should have been an 11-hour walk back to his accommodation, leaving his family and friends determined to find him even as official efforts wind down.

Casa Abuela Tina in Masca, Tenerife, where the missing British teenager was staying before he disappeared (PA Wire)

The Disappearance

Initial Incident

Jay Slater was last seen on June 17, 2023, embarking on a hike near Masca, a small village in Tenerife known for its rugged terrain and scenic trails. He was supposed to return to his accommodation after the hike, but when he failed to show up, concerns quickly mounted.

June 17, 2023Jay Slater embarks on an 11-hour hike from Masca

Search Efforts

The search has now been called off by the Guardia Civil (PA Wire)
The search has now been called off by the Guardia Civil (PA Wire)

The search for Jay involved mountain rescue teams, the Guardia Civil, and numerous volunteers. Helicopters, drones, and search dogs were deployed to scour the mountainous region, but no trace of the apprentice bricklayer was found.

Search EffortsResources Deployed
Mountain Rescue TeamsHelicopters, Drones, Search Dogs
Guardia CivilCombed rugged terrain, called for volunteers

Family and Friends’ Involvement

Immediate Response

After Jay was reported missing, his family and several close friends flew to Tenerife to assist in the search. Rachel Hargreaves, a close family friend, expressed the family’s resolve to stay until Jay is found, stating: “No one is leaving until we find Jay.”

Family and FriendsActions Taken
Rachel HargreavesFlew to Tenerife, vowed to stay until Jay is found

Volunteer Efforts

On Friday, the Guardia Civil appealed for volunteers with expertise in search and rescue operations to join a massive search effort the following day. However, Jay’s father, Warren Slater, expressed disappointment when only six volunteers showed up.

Volunteer AppealOutcome
Guardia CivilCalled for volunteers
Warren SlaterDisappointed by low turnout
Jay’s friend Brad Hargreaves said he could see the teenager had gone off-road during a video call before he went missing (This Morning)
Jay’s friend Brad Hargreaves said he could see the teenager had gone off-road during a video call before he went missing (This Morning)

Eyewitness Accounts and Last Known Movements

Video Call with Brad Hargreaves

Jay’s friend, Brad Hargreaves, recounted a video call he had with Jay before his disappearance. During the call, Jay was seen veering off the road and sliding down a small drop, laughing and seemingly unconcerned.

Brad HargreavesSaw Jay go off-road during a video call

Phone Call with Lucy Law

The last person to speak to Jay was his friend Lucy Law. She received a frantic call from Jay at 8:50 AM, during which he described being lost in the mountains, needing a drink, and having only 1% battery left on his phone.

Lucy LawLast person to speak to Jay, received a frantic call

The Search Operations

Initial Search and Termination

Despite extensive efforts by the Guardia Civil and volunteers, the search was officially called off after 13 days. A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil confirmed that while the search operation had concluded, the case remained open.

Search DurationOutcome
13 DaysSearch officially called off, case remains open

Challenges Faced

The search in Masca, near Jay’s last-known location, was hampered by the region’s steep, rocky terrain, including ravines, trails, and paths. Search volunteers spoke of the difficulties posed by the rugged landscape.

Rugged TerrainSteep, rocky areas, ravines, trails, and paths
A search volunteer speaks of the difficulties caused by the rugged terrain (Sky News)
A search volunteer speaks of the difficulties caused by the rugged terrain (Sky News)

Community and Fundraising Efforts

GoFundMe Campaign

In the wake of the search operations, Lucy Law set up a GoFundMe campaign titled “Get Jay Slater Home.” The campaign raised over £43,000, which Jay’s mother, Debbie Duncan, indicated would be used to support mountain rescue teams and cover her own accommodation and food costs.

Fundraising CampaignAmount Raised
Get Jay Slater HomeOver £43,000

Community Support

The community has rallied around Jay’s family, providing both financial and emotional support. This collective effort underscores the impact of Jay’s disappearance on those who knew him and the broader community.

Community SupportActions Taken
Financial SupportDonations to GoFundMe
Emotional SupportRallying around Jay’s family

Family’s Determination

Continued Search Efforts

Despite the official search being called off, Jay’s family and friends have vowed to continue their efforts. Rachel Hargreaves emphasized the family’s commitment, stating, “We stay and we do what we need to do. Nothing has changed. We will continue to search for him.”

Family’s StanceStatement
Continued Search“We will continue to search for him.”


The search for Jay Slater remains a challenging and heartbreaking endeavor for his family and friends. Despite the official search being called off, their determination to find Jay is unwavering. As they continue their efforts, the support from the community and the funds raised through the GoFundMe campaign provide a beacon of hope. Jay’s disappearance has touched many lives, and his family’s resolve serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and resilience found in the face of adversity.

Final Thought: The journey to find Jay Slater is far from over for his loved ones. Their commitment to bringing him home, coupled with community support, highlights the enduring human spirit and the lengths people will go to for those they care about.

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