Helldivers 2 Scout Striders: Where to Find and How to Defeat Them


In the chaotic universe of Helldivers 2, battles rage across distant planets. Among the formidable foes are the enigmatic Scout Striders—mechanized walkers that patrol the galactic warzones. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore where to encounter these metallic behemoths and reveal their Achilles’ heel.

Scout Striders: Overview

  1. Appearance: Picture an Imperial AT-ST from the Star Wars universe, but with a futuristic twist. Scout Striders are two-legged bots, covered in bulletproof armor, and piloted by robot automatons.
  2. Location:
    • Scout Striders primarily appear on the left-hand side of the Galaxy.
    • They become more frequent on difficulty levels 3 and above.

How to Defeat Scout Striders

  1. Target the Pilot:
    • Unlike typical enemies, Scout Striders are technically vehicles. To take them down, focus on the automaton piloting the walker.
    • The front of the Strider is bulletproof, so avoid head-on attacks unless you wield heavy weaponry or explosives.
    • The back of the Strider is its weak point. Aim for the exposed pilot, who has minimal health and can be dispatched swiftly.
  2. Effective Strategies:
    • Flank and Shoot: Position yourself behind the Strider and unload your weapon into the vulnerable automaton.
    • Explosives: Roll a grenade under the Strider’s feet or call down a powerful stratagem to deal significant damage.
    • Team Coordination: Coordinate with fellow Helldivers to maximize your chances of success.

Finding Scout Striders

  1. Planet Selection:
    • Head to planets where Automatons are the primary enemy faction.
    • Avoid bug-infested worlds; Scout Striders are exclusive to the Automatons.
  2. Difficulty Level:
    • Play on Medium difficulty or higher to encounter Scout Striders in decent numbers.
    • Remember that the Terminids (bug-like enemies) won’t deploy Scout Striders.


As you traverse the treacherous battlefields of Helldivers 2, keep an eye out for the distinctive silhouettes of Scout Striders. Their demise could tip the scales in the ongoing galactic war. Good luck, Helldiver—may your shots find their mark!

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Disclaimer: This guide is based on available information and does not constitute official confirmation or denial.1

Note: The details provided here are accurate as of February 14, 2024. For the latest updates, refer to reliable sources.2

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