How an American Founder Was Scammed in Bengaluru: ‘He Took Me to Taj for Lunch’

Tony Klor
Tony Klor

Tony Klor, the American founder of Catoff Gaming, has experienced the vibrant and challenging life in Bengaluru firsthand. During his five-month stint building a team in the city, Klor has not only delved into the thriving developer community but has also encountered numerous scams. In an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times, he shared his experiences, the scams he fell victim to, and his admiration for Bengaluru’s intellectual capital.

Key Takeaways About Tony Klor’s Experience in Bengaluru

Tony Klor faced multiple scams in BengaluruDespite the scams, he praises Bengaluru’s intellectual communityHis experiences highlight the challenges faced by foreigners in India

I. Tony Klor’s Arrival in Bengaluru

Initial Scam: The Bus Incident

Tony Klor’s first encounter with a scam in Bengaluru happened almost immediately upon his arrival. After a long journey, he boarded a night bus, hoping for a peaceful transition into the city. However, when he woke up, his luggage was missing. The bus driver then managed to ‘find’ the luggage but demanded a fee of ₹1,000 to return it.

“He just completely jacked it,” Klor recounted. “When I woke up on the night bus and asked where’s my bag, he went like ‘Oh, it’s missing.’ And then, 10 minutes later, he said he had found my luggage, but asked me to pay ₹1,000 to get it back.”

Arrival in BengaluruLuggage stolen by bus driver
Recovery of LuggageReturned for a fee of ₹1,000

Fake Wedding Scam

One of the more elaborate scams Klor fell victim to involved a fake wedding. He recounted meeting a seemingly friendly individual in Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park. The man invited Klor to a friend’s wedding, leading to an expensive lunch at the Taj Bangalore.

“We were vibing at Cubbon Park. He was very nice, very cordial,” Klor explained. The man then suggested they go for lunch and took Klor to the Taj Bangalore. At the five-star restaurant, the scammer began ordering expensive dishes and cocktails, running up a hefty bill. Meanwhile, Klor went to Commercial Street to buy a kurta for the wedding.

However, when it was time to leave for the wedding, the scammer informed Klor that they couldn’t go due to the rain, leaving Klor to realize he had been conned.

“That’s when I realised I’d been scammed,” Klor told Hindustan Times.

Meeting at Cubbon ParkInvited to a fake wedding
Lunch at Taj BangaloreRan up an expensive bill
RealizationScammer backed out due to ‘rain’

II. Other Scams Faced by Tony Klor

Smaller Scams and Challenges

Beyond these significant scams, Klor encountered a variety of smaller cons during his time in India. These included people faking accidents to beg for money and individuals posing as monks to extort cash. Despite these challenges, Klor’s experiences have made him more resilient and cautious.

Tony Klor’s Perspective on Bengaluru

Despite the scams, Tony Klor holds Bengaluru in high regard. He is particularly impressed with the intellectual and professional community in the city. “Bangalore is a highly intellectual place. People are highly sophisticated,” he told Hindustan Times. “The intellectual capital that persists here is truly second to none. People are absolutely brilliant.”

Intellectual CapitalPraises the sophistication and brilliance of people in Bengaluru
Professional CommunityAdmiration for the local developer community

III. Insights and Reflections

The Reality of Scams for Foreigners in India

Klor’s experiences shed light on the reality many foreigners face in India. Scams targeting newcomers are not uncommon, and the ingenuity of these cons can be quite surprising. Klor’s story serves as a cautionary tale for other expatriates and travelers, highlighting the need for vigilance and awareness.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite the challenges, Klor’s positive outlook and determination have helped him navigate the complexities of living and working in a new country. His admiration for Bengaluru’s intellectual community underscores the potential and opportunities that the city offers, despite the occasional pitfalls.

Facing ScamsIncreased vigilance and resilience
Admiring BengaluruFocus on the city’s intellectual strengths

IV. Conclusion

Tony Klor journey in Bengaluru has been marked by both challenges and admiration. While he faced numerous scams, these experiences have not dampened his enthusiasm for the city. Instead, they have made him more resilient and appreciative of the vibrant, intellectual community in Bengaluru. His story highlights the duality of experiences that expatriates can encounter, serving as both a cautionary tale and a testament to the rich potential of life in India.

As Tony Klor continues to build his team and expand Catoff Gaming, his experiences will undoubtedly shape his approach and understanding of the local culture. His journey serves as an important reminder of the complexities and rewards of navigating a new environment, particularly in a dynamic and evolving city like Bengaluru.

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