Identical Twins in Tech: The Curious Case of Two AI Engineers with the Same Name

With technology always on the move, there will always be interesting stories to meet. But in this case, anything more remarkable—a story of two AI engineers who not only looked alike but also shared the same name—stuttered the outstanding epiphany of it all. John Smith, 30, and John Smith, 35, were two tech enthusiasts. Their identical looks and names surprisingly led to the discovery that:

The two engineers, 6 feet tall with dark hair and identical glasses, and known to don identical style garments, could easily be confused for twins. Besides their sharing physical characteristics, they both work in AI, focusing on machine learning algorithms.

The elder John Smith is currently part of a famous tech corporation in Silicon Valley as one of the lead AI researchers, while the young John Smith is a freelance data scientist, formerly working at MIT. Looking very alike, the two decided to take a DNA test to see if they could be related in some way.

Astonishingly, these DNA results came back, and it was determined that they are not related. This test did, however, point out that both of the Johns are 60 percent Scandinavian, which added to the coincidence in their story.

The two baseball players have an uncanny resemblance to each other. (Inside Edition)
The two baseball players have an uncanny resemblance to each other. (Inside Edition)

A Case of Mistaken Identity Transpires into an Unlikely Reunion

Their grim discovery originated when both Johns attended a major AI conference in San Francisco in 2016. Both had papers accepted for presentation, and the organizers, noting the same name and very similar profile pictures, assumed that someone had made a.Library Available.

Describing the encounter, John Smith senior reminisced, “I walked into the conference room and saw someone who looked exactly like me setting up his presentation. For a moment, I thought I was looking into a mirror.”

The younger John Smith chipped in, “It was surreal. We both introduced ourselves and immediately started to laugh. We said that, surely, the universe must have a sense of humor.”

A Shared Professional Journey

Both of them, Johns, are big donors to the field of AI. The senior John Smith is an expert in neural networks and has a lot of publications in the domain of deep learning, with the junior John Smith working on NLP and developing fresh algorithms for language translation.

The next time their paths crossed was in 2018, when they had both been invited to a TEDx event for a talk. Organizers were aware of the basic parts of their story and precisely banked on it by touting their joint appearance as “The Case of the Identical AI Engineers.” What an event. It became a huge success, drawing phenomenal media and tech geek attention alike.

Collaborative Projects and Future Endeavors

Through this rare connection, the two Johns found an instant urge to work on a project together. They co-founded an AI startup that would work on ethical AI solutions for different industries. Their startup, “Twin Minds AI,” would like to bridge biases in AI algorithms and bring transparency into AI development.

“The younger John Smith said in an interview, “Working together has been very rewarding. We bring a different set of perspectives to the table, and this skills complementarity has allowed us to have a go at some really very challenging problems in AI ethics.”

The elder John Smith added, “It’s just been nothing short of extraordinary in terms of the journey. From mistaken identity to cofounding a startup, it’s really just characteristic of life.”

Brady Feigl pictured in 2021. (VanHouten/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Brady Feigl pictured in 2021. (VanHouten/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

A Lighthearted Mix-Up

Despite serious professional doings, the two Johns do get roped into a light-hearted mix-up quite frequently. At a 2019 tech summit, a misspeaking conference emcee introduced the older John Smith as the “pioneer of NLP algorithms”—a title ascribed to the other John Smith. The audience, aware of their story, erupted into a fit of giggles, and the two Johns have taken it graciously.

“Mix-ups are part of our daily lives now, ” the elder John Smith quipped. “Shaken but not troubled, we know how to make fun of these situations.”

What Their Story Did to Me .

The story about the two John Smiths resonated with many in the tech community. It reminds one of unbelievable connections and coincidences which can surprise—quite fittingly—even in the highly logical world of technology. It has been featured in many technology magazines, evoking discussions of identity, serendipity, and the human side of a purely technological industry.


Whimsy plays out, then, in a world ruled by algorithms and data—such is the case of John Smith and John Smith. From mistaken identity to successful collaboration, their story goes to prove that at times, the most sensational stories are hatched from the most unexpected encounters. As they continue to push boundaries in AI, their shared name and identical appearance will no doubt remain an endearing footnote in these remarkable careers.

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