Is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin the most-watched video of all time on Elon Musk’s platform, X?

Within less than 24 hours, Carlson’s controversial interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin has garnered millions of views. However, the exact number of viewers who watched the entire two-hour video on X, where Carlson has a partnership for his program, remains undisclosed.

tucker carlson putin interview video twitter
tucker carlson putin interview video twitter

This lack of transparency stems from the platform’s decision in May 2023 to remove public visibility of video views. Instead, all posts on the platform now display “impressions,” indicating how many times the post itself was seen by users. This metric does not necessarily correlate with actual video views or viewer engagement duration.

At present, the post containing the video on X has accumulated over 125 million impressions.

Despite his partnership with Elon Musk’s social media platform, Carlson also shares his videos on YouTube. His exclusive interview garnered over 6 million views within the initial 24 hours of posting. On YouTube, views are tallied if viewers watch a minimum of 30 seconds of the video.

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Why did Tucker Carlson interview Vladimir Putin, and did the interview yield any significant revelations? Carlson, known for his critical stance on Ukraine, expressed his desire to converse with Putin because he believes “most Americans are not informed” about how the conflict in Ukraine is “reshaping the world.” He erroneously asserted that no Western journalists had sought interviews with the Russian leader.

In Russia, journalists and citizens face severe constraints on freedom of speech, risking arrest for referring to Russia’s actions in Ukraine as a “war,” instead being required to term it a “special military operation.”

During the interview, Carlson refrained from explicitly challenging Putin’s numerous false statements, including denying Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Despite being a former FOX News commentator known for promoting conspiracy theories, Carlson did not press Putin on allegations of Russian military misconduct or domestic political repression.

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Additionally, Carlson struggled to interject and steer the conversation back on track when Putin delved into a lengthy discourse on Eastern European history. Putin also occasionally made jests at Carlson’s expense.

This interview coincides with a perceived shift in momentum on the battlefield favoring Russia, while the future of U.S. assistance to Ukraine remains uncertain in Congress. Polls indicate that a majority of Americans support backing Ukraine, albeit with concerns over potential trade-offs with domestic priorities.

Regarding the prospects for peace, Putin suggested that ceasing military aid to Ukraine would hasten an end to the conflict, though he did not elaborate on the implications for Ukraine’s future.

In summary, while the interview garnered significant attention, it fell short of providing substantial insights into the ongoing crisis in Ukraine or challenging Putin’s narratives effectively.

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