The Viral Mystery of the “Kulhad Pizza” Couple


In the digital age, trends emerge and vanish, but some stories linger, captivating our collective imagination. The tale of the “Kulhad Pizza” couple is one such enigma that has swept across social media platforms. Let’s unravel the layers of this viral sensation.

The Kulhad Pizza Phenomenon

Meet Sehaj Arora and his wife, Gurpreet, a young couple from Punjab’s Jalandhar. Their innovative venture involved serving pizzas in traditional “kulhads”—small clay cups. The fusion of modern pizza and ancient kulhads captured the hearts of food enthusiasts and social media aficionados alike. The couple became popularly known as the “Kulhad Pizza” couple.

The Unexpected Turn

However, their fairy-tale success took an unexpected twist when a private video featuring them surfaced online. This short clip left their followers in shock and ignited heated discussions. Sehaj stepped forward, revealing a deeply personal struggle. His wife, who had recently given birth, was battling depression. Sehaj requested support during this challenging period.

The AI-Generated Video

Sehaj clarified that the private video was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). An FIR was lodged regarding the incident, but personal commitments prevented him from following up on the proceedings. Meanwhile, the Jalandhar Police arrested a woman—an ex-employee from the couple’s pizza shop—who allegedly leaked the video. Her dismissal due to unsatisfactory work performance allegedly fueled her decision.

Political Pressure and Complex Narratives

Sehaj hinted at political pressure coercing him into a settlement. His reluctance to participate in multiple interviews reflects concerns about damaging their image with unverified statements. The “Kulhad Pizza” couple’s journey—from entrepreneurial success to personal struggles—remains a complex narrative that continues to unfold.


As the controversy swirls, we’re reminded that behind every viral sensation lies a human story. The “Kulhad Pizza” couple’s saga transcends pizza and clay cups—it’s a reflection of our digital age, where fame and vulnerability coexist. As we await further revelations, let’s approach their tale with empathy and curiosity.

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