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LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles City Council approved a motion Tuesday to convene a citizens advisory committee on the future development of Van Nuys Airport.

In a 13-0 vote, council members instructed the Department of City Planning and Los Angeles World Airports to finalize the panel of residents and stakeholders from council districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 — which encompass neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley impacted by future development at the airport.

Council members will also have the option to participate in the meetings.

The recommendations come from a motion introduced by Councilwomen Imelda Padilla and Nithya Raman in November 2023. According to the motion, the Van Nuys Airport Specific Plan is in need of modernization, as it was adopted nearly 18 years ago.

Members of the advisory committee will look to better understand the financial needs of the airport so that it may remain self-sustaining, as well as determine the need for — or potential independence from — Federal Aviation Administration grant use.

In addition, the committee will outline criteria for economic studies related to the airport’s revenue, such as examining what income supports airport infrastructure vs. income benefiting the region.

Discussions might also involve environmental impacts, such as noise, climate change and pollution, as well as the possible establishment of a community benefit program for the surrounding area.


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