Maeva Ghennam Reacts as Private Post-Surgery Video Accidentally Leaked by Friend: ‘God Help Me’

Maeva Ghennam, a well-known influencer and reality TV star famous for her role in the French reality TV show Les Marseillais, recently experienced a significant social media mishap. Based in Marseille, France, the internet personality accidentally had a private video of her post-surgery results leaked by a friend. Although the video was quickly deleted, it had already been saved and subsequently went viral.

Ghennam’s Journey with Cosmetic Surgery

Ghennam has been very open about her numerous cosmetic surgeries throughout her career as a reality TV and social media star. Recently, she has taken a different path, turning to religion and choosing to reverse some of the enhancements made through cosmetic surgery. She has shared this journey candidly with her followers, providing insight into her experiences and the reasons behind her decisions.

In 2023 alone, she reportedly underwent at least two surgeries and has been in recovery. On July 1, she made a video of herself naked to observe the results of these surgeries and shared it privately with a friend via Snapchat. Unfortunately, the friend mistakenly posted the video on a public Snapchat story, leading to its viral spread.

The Aftermath

With over 5 million followers across social media platforms, Ghennam did not take the leak lightly. She expressed her distress through a Snapchat video and later elaborated on Instagram, apologizing to her community and asking them to report the video to help remove it from circulation.

Please report the content so that people stop sharing it. Please, I beg you, and stop sending me what is being said, I beg you,” she pleaded with her followers.

Ghennam also took this opportunity to reflect on her past decisions regarding cosmetic surgery, describing them as her “worst mistakes.”

“I regret all the surgeries I have had. I had surgery to try to reduce these surgeries and become more natural. I can’t remove everything at once; it’s a long process. A process that is destroying my life, I will never forgive myself for it,” she wrote. “All this because for years I made the worst mistakes of my life by wanting to distance myself from my body which made me very self-conscious. Today I want to remove it because I am horrible. Now my body is disproportionate all because of this.”

Ghennam’s Appeal to Her Followers

In the wake of the leak, Ghennam’s primary concern has been the video’s removal from the internet. She has asked her followers to help her by reporting any instances of the video they come across.

Her heartfelt messages have resonated with many, highlighting the intense pressure and scrutiny public figures face regarding their appearances. Ghennam’s candidness about her regrets and the challenges she faces in reversing her surgeries provides a raw and honest look into the consequences of cosmetic procedures and the personal toll they can take.

The Broader Conversation

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about privacy, the responsibility of sharing content, and the pressures of social media. It underscores the importance of being cautious about what is shared online and with whom, as even private content can quickly become public.

Moreover, Ghennam’s experience has shed light on the psychological impacts of cosmetic surgery and the complex journey of self-acceptance. Her decision to reverse her surgeries and her openness about her struggles may inspire others facing similar challenges to reconsider their own paths and seek support.


Maeva Ghennam’s recent ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities and pressures that come with public life, particularly for those in the spotlight. Her story of regret and the struggle for self-acceptance resonates deeply, illustrating the profound impact of personal decisions on one’s mental and emotional well-being.

As Ghennam navigates this challenging period, her followers’ support and empathy will be crucial. Her transparency may also encourage a more compassionate and understanding perspective on the realities behind the glamorous façade often portrayed on social media.

In the end, Ghennam’s plea for privacy and her reflections on her journey highlight the need for a more responsible and empathetic approach to social media interactions and the treatment of public figures.

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