Mother, daughter share Leap Day birthday

Feb. 29 is a leap day, an extra day added to the end of February every four years. This rare occasion is also a special one that mother and daughter Chrissy and Bea Barnhill get to share.

Both are Leap Day babies, born on Feb. 29.

Photos from Suefan Johnson
Photos from Suefan Johnson

“Birthdays have always been big with our family.” said Chrissy. “I remember my mom putting three candles on my cake when I was 12. Now that I share the leap year birthday with my daughter, we celebrate her birthday on the 28th and mine on March 1st for three out of four years.”

Leap day birthdays are celebrated on the actual day once every four years. Chrissy will be celebrating for the 13th time, Bea for the fifth.

“Sharing a leap year birthday with my mom is such a blessing. Though our birthday is every four years, it just makes it so much more special when we have an actual birthday. We have always felt like our birthday is such a gift.” said Bea, who is a sophomore at NC State University.


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