Pennbrook Middle School Fight Stanley Cup Video

A brave middle school student has described her horror after witnessing a 13-year-old girl repeatedly bash a classmate in the head with a metal Stanley cup in an unprovoked attack at Pennbrook Middle School in North Wales, Pennsylvania. The incident left “blood everywhere” and traumatized students1.

The violent attack unfolded in the school cafeteria when the aggressor came up behind a 12-year-old classmate and immediately began hitting her in the head with her Stanley cup. A security guard and teacher quickly intervened, but the victim was visibly bleeding from the head. The middle school was put on lockdown as police and first responders arrived. The victim had to get staples in her head and is on concussion watch1.

Parents of students at Pennbrook Middle School expressed outrage, especially since the attacker allegedly had a “hit list” of students she planned to target. Some students had warned their guidance counselor that “something’s going to happen at lunch,” but school officials failed to act, allowing the violent incident to unfold in front of students1.

The incident highlights the importance of vigilance and swift action to prevent such attacks in educational settings. It’s heartbreaking to think of the trauma experienced by the students who witnessed this brutal assault. As parents, we can only hope for safer environments for our children at school. 😔

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