Potential $1K over 10 days in MI and 11 other states, for any game this weekend

Use the Fanatics Sportsbook promo code to unlock a unique welcome offer. You could potentially pull in $100 in bonus bets each day over 10 days, for a grand total of $1,000.

There’s no actual promo code needed for this offer, so you can get started quickly with this link.

As of Feb. 24, Fanatics Sportsbook is available in 13 states (CO, CT, IA, KY, MD, MA, MI, OH, PA, TN, VT, VA, WV)
with the relatively recent addition of Michigan.

  1. Fanatics offer details
  2. How to use the Fanatics Sportsbook promo
  3. How to sign up with Fanatics Sportsbook

Fanatics offer details

This offer has a unique structure so we’ll outline the important terms below.

  • You’ll need to opt-in daily and place a cash wager of $100 to get started. Even if you miss a day, you can still opt-in the following day and will be eligible for bonus bets.
  • You can get $100 in bonus bets every day you place a cash wager of $100, for a total of $1,000 over 10 days.
  • Only wagers of -200 or longer will be eligible for this promotion (-125 works but -325 does not).

How to use the Fanatics Sportsbook promo

The structure of this promotion is unique but beyond just that Fanatics is distinct from other sportsbooks in that the bonus bets earned there can be spent for merchandise on the traditional website. With everything from classic WWE graphic tees to Harry Potter onesies for kids, you’ve got a ton of options.

Based on the unique structure of this offer, you’ll need to bet $100 in cash everyday for 10 days to earn the full $1K value of this promotion. You’ll need to opt-in daily but you’ll still be eligible if you forget one day. Just opt-in the following day and place your cash bet and you’ll collect bonus bets.

Day 1: If you opt-in on your first day and place a $100 bet on the Celtics moneyline (-175) against the Knicks you’ll collect $57.14 in profit and keep your stake.

Regardless, you’ll get $100 in bonus bets that day.

Day 2: Again, you opt-in but this time you place a cash bet of $75 on the Tampa Bay Lightning moneyline (-130) against the New Jersey Devils. If Tampa Bay wins, you’ll rake in $57.69 in profit and keep your cash stake.

In addition to those winnings, you’ll collect $75 in bonus bets. The value of the bonus bets you earn is tethered to the value of your cash wager that day.

Day 3: You forget to opt-in this day and wager normally so you won’t earn any bonus bets.

Despite the lapse one day, you’re still eligible for daily bonus bets if you continue to opt-in everyday.

How to sign up with Fanatics Sportsbook

To be eligible for this promotion, you’ll need to be 21 or older and present in one of the now 13 legal Fanatics Sportsbook states. You can still sign up and wager even if you’re not a resident of one of those states.

This promotion requires a daily opt-in. If you miss a day, you’ll still be able to opt-in the following day and will still be eligible to collect bonus bets.

Say you live in California but are visiting Michigan for the weekend, you’ll still be able to sign up with your legal address and bet while you’re in state. Once you get back to the Golden State, you won’t be able to bet but you’ll still be able to withdraw any potential winnings.

  1. This link will allow you to access the downloadable Fanatics Sportsbook app. You’ll be directed to a landing page with a QR code to facilitate the download.
  2. Input the relevant personal information (real home address, birthdate, SSN, etc.) to set up your account. As noted, this is exclusively for new customers so you won’t be eligible if you’ve signed up in another state.
  3. Make a cash deposit to register your account. Major debit or bank cards are accepted but double check the Fanatics payment page to be sure.
  4. Opt-in and make your first cash bet. As noted, the amount of bonus bets you earn reflects the value of your first cash wager of the day. If you place an initial cash bet of $80, you’ll get $80 in bonus bets.
  5. Repeat that wager process for the next nine days to get the bonus bets.


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