Racist message on receipt at Goldsboro restaurant highlights larger issue, owner says

The owner of a Japanese restaurant in Goldsboro said a woman’s explanation after she wrote a racist note on a receipt is not enough for his forgiveness and the incident exposes a larger issue.

On Saturday, a customer named Autumn Bray left a note on a receipt at Goldsboro-based Wafu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. The comment on the receipt had racist language and used obscenities. Bray also left no money for a tip. A picture of the receipt has gone viral on Facebook.

Bray wrote a follow-up Facebook post of her own, saying she was very frustrated due to poor service on Saturday at the restaurant.

Restaurant owner Xin Lin said he does not see Bray’s follow-up Facebook post as genuine without a direct apology to his employees.

“I don’t see that as an apology,” Lin said. “Just … say sorry about what you had done, and … promise that you’re never [going to] harm other people the same way,” Lin said.

WRAL News tried to reach out to Bray and her husband on Facebook but did not hear back.

Lin also mentioned “excuses” Bray included in her post.

Also, Lin said Bray was a regular customer, and even worked at the restaurant when it opened in January 2023.

“She worked about like two or three hours, and … took a lunch break and never came back,” Lin said of Bray’s employment.

Lin says it’s not his first time facing something like this amid Asian hate speech and crimes nationwide.

“[I’ve been] in the industry for about like 12 years, so I’ve seen a lot of things like that,” Lin said. “She’s not the first one, she’s not [going to] be the last one.”

Lin says he alerted the police, but other than that, he feels there isn’t much he can do as the offense wasn’t an actual crime.

“We are trying to take actions, but I mean, there’s only limited action that we can take,” Lin said.

On Tuesday, Quatisha Tucker drove 40 minutes from Rocky Mount to eat at Wafu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.

“Everyone is really nice,” Tucker said. “The atmosphere is great. The food is delicious.”

Tucker said she came out to support the restaurant in the days after the offensive message on the receipt.

“[The community recognizes] it’s wrong and that people shouldn’t be doing things like that,” Tucker said. “I’m happy to be here today to be a part of that.”

Lin said he is proud to see the community rallying behind him.

“The outpouring from the community to come in here is great,” Lin said. “They recognize it’s wrong and that people shouldn’t be doing things like that.”


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