Chilling Tales: Ruby Franke’s Children’s Injuries Shared on Reddit

The Ruby Franke Kids Wounds Reddit abuse case is incredibly disturbing. This former mommy vlogger stands accused of subjecting her own children to horrific abuse, all under the delusion that they were possessed by demons or some other supernatural force. It’s absolutely outrageous!

In her diaries, Franke documented appalling acts such as starving her children, forcibly shaving their heads, and physically assaulting them in an attempt to “exorcise” the perceived evil spirits. Shocking videos have surfaced showing her emaciated daughter cowering in a closet, too frightened to seek medical assistance. Additionally, her son managed to escape and bravely informed neighbors about the severe abuse he endured, including being restrained and mistreated.

The level of cruelty and neglect described in this case is truly appalling and highlights the urgent need for intervention to protect vulnerable children from such horrifying situations.

Horrifying Stories About Ruby Franke Kids Wounds Reddit
Horrifying Stories About Ruby Franke Kids Wounds Reddit

When cops searched the house, they found restraints, pepper spray, and other twisted “disciplinary” tools. Franke made her kids do hard labor like hauling boxes up and down stairs as punishment. She’d kick and whip them when they “defied” her crazy rules.

It’s like something out of a horror movie. Franke and her partner Jodi Hildebrandt were convinced the kids needed to suffer to get rid of demons. They took them to Native American burial grounds and made them walk barefoot as part of their warped “exorcism” rituals.

The whole Reddit community is disgusted by how far Franke went with the abuse, all because of her whacked religious beliefs. The kids finally got rescued, but they’ve been through some seriously traumatic stuff.

The Ruby Franke case is very disturbing. Franke was a popular family vlogger. But she is accused of abusing her own kids badly. Evidence like diaries, videos and photos show the horrible things she did. Franke seemed to believe her children were possessed by demons. She starved them, shaved their heads, and beat them brutally to “exorcise” the demons.

One diary entry describes Franke screaming in her son’s face to force out the demon inside him. Another entry says she made her daughter carry heavy boxes up and down stairs as punishment. The kids were found skinny and injured, with restraints on them. Authorities said it was like a “concentration camp” environment.

The really chilling part is how Franke became more and more extreme over time. Her partner Jodi Hildebrandt influenced her radical religious beliefs. They took the kids to a Native American graveyard and made them do hard labor barefoot in the hot Utah sun for “exorcism.” As the abuse got worse, Franke kicked and whipped the children with belts when they defied her.

The case caused public outrage about child abuse and religious extremism. It reminds us that children are vulnerable. We must protect them from people who exploit them, even with misguided beliefs as an excuse.

Ruby Franke’s 12-year-old son tried to escape. He went to a neighbor’s house for food and water. The neighbor saw he was very thin. His wrists and ankles had restraints. He had visible injuries.

The son said his sisters were also held at the same place. But he hadn’t seen them for over a month. They were kept isolated.

This made authorities check on the home. They rescued the children from Ruby Franke and her partner Jodi Hildebrandt.

It was a horrific scene. Franke’s younger daughter was found hiding in a closet. She refused to leave or let anyone touch her for medical help. She was afraid of being vaccinated.

The search found restraints, pepper spray, used medical supplies. There were documents about disciplining the family.

Photos and videos showed the bad conditions the children lived in. There were large handcuffs attached to a long rope in the basement safe room.

Horrifying Stories About Ruby Franke Kids Wounds Reddit
Horrifying Stories About Ruby Franke Kids Wounds Reddit

The children’s bodies were extremely thin with visible injuries. It showed the abuse they suffered.

Authorities said it was like a “concentration camp.” The children had to do hard physical labor, sometimes barefoot in the hot Utah sun.

The evidence strongly indicates that Franke and Hildebrandt held extreme religious beliefs. They believed the children were possessed by demons and advocated for exorcism through both physical and mental torment. For further details, please visit our website at

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