Shoppers, diners combat climbing food costs in NC

Whether you cook at home or go out to eat, food is costing everyone more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are paying more than 2.6% more across the board than in 2023.

A report from the same agency says there was a more than 10% jump in food costs between 2022 and 2023.

“Things have gone up so much,” Delores Brodie, who lives in Raleigh, said.

Michael Strong, who’s opting for healthier food products, shared the same sentiment while leaving the Food Lion on Poole Road.

“Everything went up, everything went up real high,” Strong said.

In addition to higher prices at grocery stores, eating out is more costly.

When comparing the costs of meals, it’ll cost consumers 5.8% more now than in 2023, according to the February CPI report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The changes have been growing in recent years. According to the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2022, The average American now spends a third of their money on eating-out costs.

Chart courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Chart courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, in 2022, the USDA said the average spent nearly 12% of their personal income on food in the United States.

Chart courtesy of the USDA.
Chart courtesy of the USDA.

Mike Walden, an economist, points to labor costs as a key factor in driving up the prices at restaurants and markets.

“That’s largely due to increased wages that both supermarkets, grocery stores, as well as restaurants are having to pay,” Walden said.

Walden shared the following tips on saving money as inflation cools but food prices remain high:

  • Cut back on dining out. “Even though you’re still paying higher prices for those items you prepare, you’ll take out preparation costs you pay for in [the] restaurant,” Walden said.
  • Buy in bulk when items go on sale
  • Budget/track spending habits

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