Student threatens staff member at Orange County middle school; juvenile petition issued

A student at McDougle Middle School threatened a staff member Monday, the school said.

Carrboro police said a juvenile petition was issued for threats of mass violence on an educational property.

Principal Chris Horne sent a message to staff and families about the incident.

“On Monday, a student made a comment in front of a staff member that was interpreted as a threat against the school,” he said. “The safety of everyone in our school is and will always be a priority for me and my team, and I want you to know that the administration has taken this matter very seriously, investigated thoroughly and applied appropriate consequences as outlined in our CHCCS Community Code of Character, Conduct and Support.”

In talking with WRAL News, the employee said she’s concerned that the student poses a threat and feels there was a breach of trust with the administration not immediately telling staff when the threat occurred Monday morning.

The principal said the school made law enforcement aware of the situation.

“There were never any weapons involved in what we addressed yesterday,” Principal Horne said.


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