The Dark Side of Curiosity: A YouTuber’s Terrifying Journey into the Deep Web

The fetus for exploration, characteristic of the internet age, often invites users to delve deeper and deeper into unseen parts of the web. The deep web, and more specifically, the dark web, constitutes that part of the internet remaining mysterious, full of intrigue, and often associated with illegal activities. The following article is on how YouTuber Mutahar of the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers totally flinched backward at the sight of a website while he was surfing the deep web; it almost made him vomit. His experience within the darkest depths of the Internet is quite a warning to others.

YouTuber Mutahar has a 'Deep Web Browsing series'. (SomeOrdinaryGamers/YouTube)
YouTuber Mutahar has a ‘Deep Web Browsing series’. (SomeOrdinaryGamers/YouTube)

Deep Web and Dark Web Overview

What is Deep Web?

The deep web refers to parts of the internet that are not indexed by standard search engines such as Google or Bing. This includes everything from academic databases and private websites to password-protected pages. Contrary to what most people think, much of the deep web comprises legal sites whose contents are everyday prioritize privacy and security.

What is Dark Web?

The dark web is a small, self-consciously hidden fraction of the deep web and requires special software, like Tor—The Onion Router—to access. The dark web gets loads of bad press due to its hosting of drug dealers, illegal gambling dens, and hitman services. This is because it is a haven for criminal enterprises in that it is anonymous, making activities very hard to trace back.

The creator sat in silence as he digested the video. (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)
The creator sat in silence as he digested the video. (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)

Deep Web Browsing Series by Mutahar

Who is Mutahar?

Mutahar Anas, or simply Mutahar, is a YouTuber behind the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers. Having over 3.74 million subscribers, Mutahar is famous for his “Deep Web Browsing” series, where he goes through passages and dark corners in the Internet. He has set up a trigger warning at the beginning of every episode since their content widely consists of adult material and really disturbing themes.

The Allure of the Deep Web

Mutahar’s series caters to men’s growing curiosity about the deep web. The glamour lies in its being forbidden—something that, when out of bounds or wrapped in secrecy, arouses human curiosity by its mere self. For so many people, Mutahar’s videos provide a means to experience such forbidden realms vicariously, without the risks involved.

The Flabbergasting Discovery

A Walk Through Dark Web Sites

In a 2016 episode of his series, Mutahar started off at what he called a “standard hitman website.” Unsettling as that was, it wasn’t particularly surprising, either, to anyone who has watched more than a few of his series. He followed that up with a gambling page titled “Crime City,” which was a slot machine game of sorts.

Annotation: see “Mankind’s Habit”

The real shock came when Mutahar stumbled upon a site known as “Mankind’s Habit.” It contained numerous Deep Web videos and images. Curious, he began playing one video labeled “The peaceful sounds are lovely.” What followed was anything but peaceful.

The Horrific Video

The video opened with the sound of a crying baby, which was overrun with more ominous audio. Mutahar clearly started to sputter, gag, and cough. He would later say that it was snuff porn—a fetishistic genre of pornographic film notorious for scenes of actual murders, real or staged, for the purposes of entertainment.

The Reaction and Aftermath

Gathering his wits about him, Mutahar confesses that the content was well beyond what he was expecting. The video had to be heavily censored by him, with the disturbing footage blurred but remaining audio intact. In a post-video discussion, Mutahar regrets it and encourages his viewers to exercise extreme caution over the videos. He said he cross-referenced the content online, suspecting it linked to a series of Japanese ‘fake snuff films.

Viewer Reactions and Discussions

Viewer Comments

The video elicited a strong reaction from Mutahar’s audience. Many were thankful for the censorship, as such a display of graphic content happened to be too disturbing. Comments have ranged from shock and horror to expressions of gratitude for not having themselves witnesses the full extent of brutality.

  • **Commenter 1: “Just your standard hitman website.’ ~ Mutahar 2k16. **
  • Commenter 2: “I for one am thankful for Mutahar being ‘obligated’ to blur the gore on the videos, because I certainly can live without seeing brutal things from real life occurrences.
  • Commenter 3: “The minute I heard that baby crying, my heart dropped.”

Ethical Considerations

The incident also raised an outcry over the moral considerations resulting from exploring and sharing content on the deep web. While he gives warnings and censors explicit material, the real act of seeking it raises questions about the morals involved and their possible psychological effects on both the creator and the viewers.

Dangers in Exploring the Deep Web

Psychological Effects

The dark web could even reach the hearts of people psychologically. The exposure to graphic and disturbing content might result in traumatic mental shock, anxiety, and other forms of mental illnesses. The reaction of Mutahar showed clearly that such content had the potential to affect anybody, even a person quite familiar with deep web exploration.

Legal Risks

This can also raise some legal risks when one accesses specific parts of the deep web. It is not illegal to surf, but it is when a user accesses or takes part in illegal activities that it becomes so. Governments are always patrolling the dark web, and hence any illegal transaction or participation puts one at risk of arrest and prosecution.

Ethical Concerns

There is an ethical dimension to it as well. In its curiosity and entertainment, it runs the risk of probably encouraging or normalizing harmful behaviors by content creators in exposure to dark corners explored and put into the limelight. One has to balance curiosity and entertainment combined with a responsible approach to potentially damaging content.


That was a very disturbing experience on the dark web by Mutahar, and it behooves everybody to remind that something nasty lurks in the unseen areas of the Internet. Although deep web harbors many benign even beneficial sites, the dark web is one of the centers for illicit and most horrifying activities. The experience thus, therefore, presents us with a cautionary tale of the ethical considerations involved and the awareness of the psychological and legal risks associated.

That is a very spine-chilling example of how curiosity can lead to unexpected and sometime traumatic discovery, which has been the trajectory of Mutahar’s journey across the deep web. It warns of a time when people will want to explore the black side of the internet, leaving it only in the hands of experts who are prepared to handle the fallout that may arise.

Although the forbidden can hold high interest in the end, there are some personal and legal probable costs that should be considered by any individual planning to plunge into the dark depths of the deep web.

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