Three men arrested after young woman with mental disability raped repeatedly at Spring Hope home

Three men have been arrested after a young woman with a mental disability was raped repeatedly while being held at a home in Spring Hope.

On Feb. 12, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office responded to UNC Nash General Hospital in reference to a woman being sexually assaulted. Upon arriving at the hospital, deputies identified the victim as a 20-year-old woman with a mental disability.

The victim is a ward of the state and under the care of the ARC of North Carolina, along with her caregiver that is assigned by the agency. Due to the sensitive nature of the crime and the mental capacity of the victim, a brief interview was conducted.

The victim said she was picked up outside of her Rocky Mount residence on Feb. 10 and taken to a residence on N.C. Highway 581. She said she was kept inside the residence and raped by multiple individuals over the course of the weekend.

“I was appalled how someone could do something of this nature,” Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone.

Markeefe La’Shaun Scriven (also known as “Shown” or “Scoop”) was working at the One Man’s Treasure Auction House in Spring Hope, when he came into contact with the victim during an auction event on Feb. 10. It was at this event that the initial crime of second-degree forcible sex occurred.

Later that night, on Feb. 10, Scriven and an unidentified assailant picked the victim up at her residence that is shared with her caregiver. Scriven was reportedly bringing food to the victim, when he told her to get into the truck. That’s when Scriven took her to the residence on N.C. 581 in Spring Hope. The victim said she was raped by multiple men at this location. In the presence of guns, drugs and alcohol, the victim was advised that she could not go outside of the house or somebody would see her and they would get in trouble.

The Nash County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant for the arrest of Scriven, and a search warrant was obtained for the residence where the assault occurred.

“I go back to the words I tell every community group I go to: Trafficking is real, sex crimes are real,” Stone said. “Konw the people you are hanging out with.

Scriven (left), Roylando Lucas (center) and Aaron Lucas (right) were arrested and charged with raping a young woman with a mental disability.
Scriven (left), Roylando Lucas (center) and Aaron Lucas (right) were arrested and charged with raping a young woman with a mental disability.

The Spring Hope Police Department arrested Scriven on the morning of Feb. 22 while the Nash County Sheriff’s Office searched the property on N.C. 581. During the search, deputies identified Roylando Lamont Lucas as an additional perpetrator in the crime. Lucas was charged with second-degree forcible sex and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Sheriff Stone said he attributed communication between community members for helping generate tips that lead to arrests in similar crimes.

“The communities and people in the community are talking,” he said. “That is what is generating tips for us to investigate.”

Lucas is currently being held in the Nash County Detention Center under a $101,000 secured bond. Scriven is also currently being held in the Nash County Detention Center under a $100,000 secured bond.

Authorities took Aaron Danay Lucas, of Spring Hope, into custody Tuesday night.

This is an ongoing investigation and Stone said more arrests are pending.


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