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The warm and dry weather pattern will continue over the next few days but a pattern change takes shape this weekend, leading to rising rain chances.

We’re already beginning to see those changes this morning as clouds have increased overnight as a disturbance nears from the Central US and the subtropical jet stream positions itself over the region.

These clouds will become more of a common fixture over the next few days with more clouds than sunshine forecast.

On this leap day, expect mostly cloudy skies — primarily from the upper level clouds — along with likely dry conditions, a light breeze and warmer high temperatures in the low 80s.

Now here’s a fun fact: if we didn’t add a leap day to our calendar every four years, then in 100 years from now, our calendar would be 24 days off and the seasons wouldn’t align as much with the date!

Today also marks the end of February 2024. This month will go down as the first below average temperature month in about a year and a half!

Friday and Saturday will feature fairly similar conditions as today but with a stronger onshore breeze. This will hold overnight lows on the warmer side near 70F.

Now by Sunday and through at least the start of next week, rain chances will rise with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms possible each day. That’s because of a front stalling across northern Florida while pockets of moisture flow in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Therefore, more of an unsettled weather pattern arrives next week so enjoy the dry and quiet conditions while they last!

Since South Florida will remain south of this stalled front, temperatures will remain warm and humidity will hover in the moderate range.

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