[Watch Video] lol superman encontrado en Twitter , Reddit Lost media ? lluvia de personas 9/11

Does the dubious “lol superman encontrado en Twitter , Reddit Lost media ? lluvia de personas 9/11” video that some case shows unequivocal and upsetting scenes of the September 11, 2001 goes after truly exist?

haha superman tracked down on Twitter, Reddit Lost media

The expression “lol superman encontrado en Twitter , Reddit Lost media ? lluvia de personas 9/11” first arose in 2015 on the web-based gathering 4chan, when an unknown client saw a stunning video of the assaults of September 11, 2001. As per his depiction, the recording showed individuals hopping from the Twin Pinnacles, with their bodies colliding with vehicles and the ground in sight. Different clients affirmed having seen a comparable video.

After seven years, in 2022, the quest for the unbelievable “haha superman” reemerged when a connected picture showed up on Reddit’s r/lostmedia subreddit. Clients offered new clashing hypotheses about the substance of the video, including the vision of two men recording dead bodies On the planet Exchange Center court.

Portrayals of haha superman video gore

The expression “Haha Superman,” which alludes to a supposed blood video connected with the occasions of 9/11, has made a puzzler on the web. Portrayals of this video, which was first referenced in 2015 on 4chan, have been the subject of discussion and hypothesis on different web stages.

The first notices on 4chan portray “lol superman encontrado en Twitter , Reddit Lost media ? lluvia de personas 9/11” as a video showing individuals leaping off the Twin Pinnacles and stirring things up around town, including vehicles. Notwithstanding, the subtleties of these portrayals have been addressed, as only one instance of an individual arrival in a vehicle was accounted for.

On Reddit, speculations about the substance of “Haha Superman” have changed. As per the clients of this stage, the video shows two men in the Court de las Torres, recording individuals who fall and the effect on the ground. Be that as it may, this translation has additionally been addressed, as it goes against the first depictions of 4chan.

haha superman video found

Despite the fact that there is no substantial proof of the presence of the dubious “haha superman” video, there are various checked movies of individuals hopping from the Twin Pinnacles during the assaults of September 11, 2001. The sad recordings show people falling after that fire and smoke attacked the upper floors.

A few observers likewise revealed seeing bodies colliding with vehicles and the asphalt that day. A fireman told the press: “I saw a lady hit a vehicle. “It was the absolute most terrible thing I have at any point seen.”

Moral contemplations around 9/11 blood recordings

Scanning the Web for stunning recordings like the unbelievable “haha superman” of 9/11 raises significant moral contemplations. While there is a horrible motivation with respect to a few web-based clients to get major areas of strength for to connected with misfortunes, their scattering can be hurtful.

“The realistic substance of such a horrible occasion clearly creates a close to home shock,” said clinician Dr. Anna Torres. “It very well may be re-damaging for those impacted and cultivate an undesirable culture of emotionalism.”

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