Who Is the Hawk Tuah Girl? Viral Meme Explained

Once upon a time, somewhere along Nashville’s Honky Tonk strip, a young woman became an internet sensation. Her name was Hailey Welch, but now she’s better (nay, forever) known as the Hawk Tuah girl. Chances are you’ve seen her pop up on your TikTok and Instagram feeds. You may have even seen her on stage at a Zach Bryan concert in Nashville. But who, exactly, is the Hawk Tuah girl? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is the Hawk Tuah girl?

“Hawk Tuah” is a viral meme born out of a man-on-the-street interview with Tim & Dee TV. “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” one of the hosts asked a then-unknown 21-year-old Hailey Welch. Her answer: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang.”

Watch for yourself, if you haven’t already:

Why is the Hawk Tuah girl famous?

The Hawk Tuah girl, whose birth name is Hailey Welch, gained overnight fame from her response during a street interview. When asked by creators Tim & Dee TV what “makes a man go crazy every time,” she replied, “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang.” This bold and unexpected answer quickly turned her into an internet celebrity.

Where is the Hawk Tuah girl from?

Hailey Welch, now known as the Hawk Tuah girl, hails from Belfast, a small town in rural Tennessee. She was attending the CMA Fest in Nashville when she gave the infamous interview that skyrocketed her to viral fame.

Did the Hawk Tuah girl make money?

Not long after Hailey Welch’s viral moment, rumors started circulating that she was fired from her job as a teacher. However, these rumors were unfounded. Welch was never a teacher; she worked at a spring factory and decided to quit her job after gaining internet fame. She is now managed by a professional team, aiming to transform her viral moment into a sustainable career.

So far, Welch has made a decent amount of money through a merchandise line by Fathead Threads, a family-owned business based in Marshall County, Tennessee. The company, run by Jason Poteete, sells Hawk Tuah hats. According to a Rolling Stone article published on June 26, Poteete has sold just over 2,000 hats, with the cheapest hat priced at $32.78, amounting to a minimum of $65,000 in sales.

“Of course she hasn’t gotten a dime from the first viral video that went out,” Poteete told Rolling Stone. “Nobody was asking permission for her to do nothing, neither. I just wanted her to get some profit off of this deal.” Although Poteete declined to share the exact percentage of his proceeds going to Welch, she claimed in an interview with Brianna Lapaglia’s podcast “Plan Bri Uncut” that “he’s split all of what he’s made off of it with me.” This means Welch has made at least $32,500 (before taxes) from merch sales.

Interestingly, Welch also shared on Lapaglia’s podcast that Poteete was offered $600 for her to spit in a jar and sell it, but she declined the offer.

What has the Hawk Tuah girl said about being a meme?

Although she initially laid low, Hailey Welch has since embraced her viral fame and addressed some rumors. On “Plan Bri Uncut,” she assured fans that her family finds her viral moment “so funny” and clarified that her father is not a preacher, contrary to some circulating rumors.

“They know how I am,” she said of her family. “You can never tell what comes out of my mouth. It’s a hit or miss what comes out of my mouth.”

She also mentioned that she was “being a little bit of a smart-ss” during her Tim & Dee TV interview. “Because you’re gonna come up to me with a microphone and ask me something like that?” she explained. I’m gonna hawk tuah and spit on it, you know?

Put that way, it’s only a matter of time before Miss Tuah goes from meme to feminist icon. That’s the power of the internet!

The Cultural Impact of the Hawk Tuah Meme

The Hawk Tuah meme not only catapulted Hailey Welch into viral fame but also sparked a broader conversation about internet culture and the way memes can influence public perception. Welch’s candid and unfiltered response resonated with many, leading to numerous parodies, remixes, and discussions across various social media platforms.

Her rise to fame underscores the unpredictable nature of internet virality, where a single moment can redefine a person’s life. Welch’s story is a testament to how social media can elevate ordinary individuals into household names overnight. It also highlights the role of humor and shock value in the creation and spread of memes.

Future Prospects for the Hawk Tuah Girl

As Hailey Welch continues to navigate her newfound fame, her story serves as a case study for others who find themselves in similar situations. With a strong management team behind her, Welch has the potential to transform her viral moment into a long-term career. Opportunities in merchandising, social media influencing, and public appearances are just the beginning.

Her ability to connect with audiences through her authenticity and humor positions her well for future endeavors. As she leverages her platform, Welch can continue to engage her growing fan base and explore new ventures in entertainment and beyond.


The Hawk Tuah girl, Hailey Welch, is a prime example of how a single moment captured on video can lead to unexpected fame. From her humble beginnings in Belfast, Tennessee, to becoming an internet sensation, Welch’s journey is both unique and inspiring. As she continues to build her brand and capitalize on her viral moment, the world watches with anticipation.

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