Why is Jordan Page getting divorced

Jordan Page, a well-known family influencer with eight children, recently announced her separation from her husband, Bubba. In an Instagram statement, she revealed that they are “discontinuing our marriage.” While the specific reasons behind their divorce were not disclosed, the couple has asked for privacy during this challenging time as they navigate co-parenting their children.

Bubba Page, in his own Instagram post, emphasized that despite the separation, they still love and respect each other. He assured followers that they will continue to work well together and remain a close-knit family of ten. Their primary goal is to be the best co-parents possible for their kids. Bubba also requested that followers refrain from discussing the issue with their children, who are doing remarkably well.

Jordan Page, often referred to as “The Fun Cheap or Free Queen,” has made a significant impact in the online space. As a family finance and frugal living expert, she founded The Page Company in 2011 to help people build stronger homes and families. Her educational content covers budgeting, meal planning, productivity, and more. Additionally, she is the founder of Shelf Cooking, teaching creative ways to use pantry ingredients and reinvent leftovers.

Despite the challenges they face, both Jordan and Bubba remain committed to their family’s well-being. Their journey continues, and their influence extends beyond social media platforms, touching the lives of many12.

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