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Easter is coming.  With a president of the United States who could hide his own Easter eggs and throw himself a surprise party, we deserve to know one simple thing: Who’s calling the shots in the White House? It is clearly under leftist Democrat rule.

Joe Biden butchered another press “chat” to respond to the DOJ deciding not to prosecute him, not because he didn’t “willfully” keep secret documents and relay info to his ghost writer, but because Biden is old and cannot remember simple things. High praise indeed for the man with our nuclear codes.

In an unprecedented move, Biden demurred on a chance to talk to 100 million Americans in the traditional Presidential soft-ball CBS interview before the Super Bowl. But he said he’d be happy to throw out the first pitch.

He had just found out he was not going to be prosecuted for all the crimes that he committed more of than Trump. Biden knew all along that he wouldn’t be prosecuted by the FBI, because he had just spoken to J. Edgar Hoover.

We know James Carville et al. called the shots for Bill Clinton, and Karl Rove and Dick Cheney for George Bush the Invader. Barack Obama had Eric Holder (his DOJ “Wing Man”), Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett running his show. Trump had Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon. We all knew them. But nowadays no one can tell who is dressing up and loading the teleprompter for our Weekend at Bernie’s POTUS.

So, who is writing this ridiculous “Border Bill?” The bill is so filled with kickbacks for Ukraine (which owns the Biden family) and so little for border security that even the Democrats are ashamed — and it is hard to make them ashamed. The White House will probably bury another $25 billion somewhere in the bill to continue funding its ongoing war against Texas.

Tucker Carlson did a great interview with Vladimir Putin. It was the longest Putin has ever sat through an exchange with an American who was not hog-tied to a chair. It was historic, and it made clear why Putin is in Ukraine. But the bombshell was that Putin is ready and willing to settle the Ukraine war. He has made that known. But he says neither Biden nor any of his team has even reached out. I guess when lobbyist-laden defense contractors like Raytheon, Grumman and Halliburton make their profits for the quarter, they might try to settle.

As for who is running the clown show for Biden, Kamala Harris is clearly not included in much. Even by Biden standards she has proven to be a disaster. Kamala’s staff defection rate is so high that the Government Printing Office is bleeding more money than the U.S. Postal Service just printing new business cards for her replacement staff.

There is some thought that Obama got his old band together and they are the quiet puppet masters of Biden. Ron Klain, the “Ebola Czar” under Obama (I presume he was against Ebola, but who knows), is Biden’s Chief of Staff. Imagine introducing yourself at a party, sticking your hand out and saying, “I am the Ebola Czar.” At least during COVID when Fauci stuck his hand out, Pfizer greased it.

I met Ron Klain while attending Georgetown University about 1982. He graduated in 1983. I was in a remedial reeducation program for wayward conservative Southerners and unwed mothers. We were never mainstreamed with the masses of leftist ideologues for fear we would ask them questions that would infringe on their leftist indoctrination.

The liberal rag Axios reported on the leftist agenda: “Klain’s private comments are yet another indication the White House has a core set of priorities it plans to fight for.” Which is code for Biden is the left’s empty canvas on which they can paint their agenda.

Klain was also Al Gore’s right-hand man, so he knows how to mine for more votes for president without getting arrested like Trump.

Klain and Adam Schiff, like most Dems now, are hawks. They cannot seem to see a war that we should not be in. Perhaps on the ceiling of the White House West Wing there should be a Michaelangelo painting of “The Creation of Adam,” where he paints Dick Cheney reaching his forefinger down from Heaven and touching Klain and Adam Schiff.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at [email protected] or @RonaldHart on Twitter.


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